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學士後醫畢業直接參加USMLE I II III
是沿著傳統的,時間由經驗豐富的教授和醫生證明的學術理念與學術的長期和專業知識成立於2003年。 大學被授權從副學士所有的學術和專業學位領域的博士學位(博士,及其他)。 大學現結合醫學,研究生院,藝術和科學,護理,藝術,和晚報學院院校。 學術課程在所有課程的實際應用以及納入藝術和科學了堅實的基礎。

在醫學課程採用模塊化和基於問題的學習[PBL]概念和格式貫穿始終,融合成並結合傳統醫學的話題,在醫學科學的最新進展,並在醫藥新興技術。 這種獨特的方式使學生訪問材料高度集中,協調,精簡和舒適的方式,最大限度地提高現場演講演示的效率,同時最大限度地減少冗餘,並在大多數學術課程固有的非必要的材料。 

大學的大體解剖實驗室中北美最先進的,在每一個實驗室結合臨床手術方法和先進的技術通常只有研究生專業培養保留。 在醫學學院所有監考考試daistered使用USMLE / NBME格式。 USATstudents比分上USMLE考試最高的所有國際醫學院校之一,歷史上與在沒有醫師執照考試預備課程以及超過90%的第一次嘗試的總體合格率,而當美國醫師執照考試預備課程是分層的講座材料之上接近100

3個學期基礎醫學,其次是2個學期臨床科目,並50週核心的臨床訓練和至少30週的選修臨床培訓,都在批准臨床環境。 核心臨床專科包括通用外科,內科,家庭醫學科,婦產科,兒科,精神科。 選修可以是在臨床專業或專科的任何區域。兩個內核和選修課程可能完成無論是在美國認可的醫院和診所,並在醫院和臨床國外。

學士學位[理學士或BS] 0相當於含有典型的預科課程包括每個通用及有機化學2個學期,生物科學2個學期,4個學期的英語,2學期大學水平的數學和計算機科學,並一個學期一般每個應用物理,心理學,社會學,和選修的總額90 - 120學分。 第二語言是高度期望在選修類。 授課語言:所有USAT課程和臨床培訓經驗,以英語授課

資格: 1.大學畢修滿先修學分 (不足可補修)

     2. TOEFL or IELTS

      3.   3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

     4.   Completed to equal a minimum of 75 credit hours

     5.   Accomodations



Università degli Studi di BARI ALDO MORO


Seconda Università degli Studi di NAPOLI 


Università degli Studi di PAVIA    


Università degli Studi del PIEMONTE ORIENTALE "Amedeo Avogadro"-Vercelli  


Università degli Studi di ROMA "La Sapienza" 


Università degli Studi di ROMA "Tor Vergata" 


LINK CAMPUS University    


Università degli Studi di MILANO 


Università degli Studi di NAPOLI "Federico II"


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore  


HUMANITAS University  


Libera Università "Vita Salute San Raffaele" MILANO  


網路遠距科大/托福文教卓越留學since 1987


 tofo@ms26.hinet.net  ; service@i-college.url.tw








Programme       Bachelier en médecine (nouveau cursus de Médecine - Ba et Ma organisés en 6 ans) (BA-MEDI)

Academic year            Academic year 2015-2016

Level *      Bachelor (1st cycle)

College     Medicine

Degree     Bachelor

Credits required        180

Jury President and Jury secretary      non communiqué

Direct access to programme details


This is the new programme (BA and MA in 6 years).

Programme characteristics

Programme objectives and learning outcomes

Fulfil your ambitions by gaining a grounding in a number of areas including: curative and preventative medicine, out-patients or hospital medicine, workplace medicine or school medicine and laboratory or industrial research.

Special features and highlights

During your studies you will develop your powers of critical analysis and your human qualities through regular contact with patients and the many non-medical staff. As well as developing your technical and scientific skills you will also improve your ability to think and make judgements.

Job opportunities

If you go on to do a Master in Medicine, you could go into the following professions :


      Doctor of medicine, with one of a number of specialisations depending on the course taken: GP, surgeon, orthopaedist, oncologist, anaesthetist, obstetrician, paediatrician,

      Director of a hospital or medical centre,

      Workplace doctor

      Medical data manager

If you wish to do a different MA, you could move into the following areas:

      Biomedical Sciences

      Public Health

You could also move into research in any one of the branches of health: physiology, immunology, genetics, cellular and molecular biology and clinical research (new medicines).

Useful information

The need for medical staff is constantly changing. High-quality medical treatment is being demanded more than ever before.

Despite the measures taken to limit access to the profession, if you are determined and if you have the requisite qualities and the vocation, you will always find a way of making a career in medicine.

Where taughtErasme

Exchange programme

During your studies you have the opportunity to take part in university exchange programmes, lasting a few months or a whole year. As well as the possibility of taking part in the Erasmus programme, other types of work placements are also on offer, especially in third world countries.

Languages the course is taught inEnseigné en français


An exceptional location comprising an ultra modern, high-performance hospital surrounded by classrooms, laboratories and a library. You will also be able to do a wide range of work placements thanks to the hospital network that is in place.

義大利米蘭大學醫學院招生( 英語課程)

義大利米蘭大學醫學院招生( 英語課程)

義大利米蘭大學醫學院招生( 英語課程)

 1.      醫科6 ( 歐盟及台灣教育部均認可)
 2.      臨床及並李研究
 3.      美式教學


1.      7月中旬開學  申請在9月第一次測驗

2.      1階段: 學歷認證/學測或指考成績單

3.      2階段: 申請及測驗

4.      財力證明

5.      護照證明

Pre-application for a degree course

a) Admission to a 1st level programme (Laurea) or a single-cycle programme (Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico)
Applicants must submit to the Italian Embassy/Consulate the form A along with the following documents:
- Final school leaving qualification
- certificate proving the completion of one or two years of academic studies or a post-secondary title in case the educational system of their country lasts only 11 or 10 years
- certificate attesting that they have passed the University entrance examination, if  required by the law in their country (e.g. GAO KAO for China, Vestibular for Brazil, etc.)
- 2 photos.

Applicants who are unable to get hold of their diploma in due time will be allowed to apply on a conditional basis. They will submit their diploma, translated, authenticated and accompanied by the Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco (Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification), within the date of enrolment.

b) Admission to a 2nd level programme(Laurea magistrale)
Applicants must submit to the Italian Embassy/Consulate the form A along with the following documents:
- Bachelor Degree or equivalent first level degree
- university transcript with all the exams taken (Diploma supplement if available)
- 2 photos


Valid documents
All documents must be officially
translated into Italian and authenticated by the authorities of the country in which they were issued - except in the case of specific international agreements and conventions that provide for exemption.

Each degree/diploma/title must be accompanied by the Dichiarazione di valore in loco(Statement of validity), issued by the Italian Embassy in the country in which the qualification was awarded.

To find out if their pre-application request has been accepted, applicants must contact the Embassy or Consulate where it was originally submitted (usually from the second half of July on).

The eligible candidates will collect their documentation and, once in Italy, deliver it to the International Students Office as required by the enrolment procedures specified for each kind of programme.

 Competence in Italian

Non-EU citizens resident abroad are required to take an Italian language test before enrolling.

Usually the exam is at the beginning of September, before the admission tests to First cycleandSecond cycle

For the academic year 2015/2016 the Italian Language test is on 3 September 2015. Time and place will be here available once settled.

The following students are exempted from taking the Italian language exam:
a) those who hold a certificate attesting their knowledge of the language (e.g. CELI 3 certificate - level B2)
b) those who have attended some Italian Schools abroad
c) those applying to programmes taught in English or some master's programmes without entrance examination

The International Medical School is a 6-year Medicine and Surgery master's degree program offered through the University of Milan. Taught entirely in English, this course is recognized throughout the European Union, and is open to both EU and non-EU students. The medical school is based at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas, a highly specialized general hospital and scientific research center.

This medical degree is based on innovative teaching and learning methods and combines academic training, hospital experience and laboratory research. The main objective is to train excellent clinicians and researchers, capable of actively contributing to the improvement of human health.

The course is designed to provide young doctors with the most academically solid and state-of-the-art scientific training possible along with awareness of the profoundly sensitive issues surrounding health, disease and the doctor-patient relationship. The program also addresses the increasingly complex economic and managerial aspects of health care.


University of Milan, International Medical School:
The International Medical School is a 6-year Medicine and Surgery master's degree program offered through the University of Milan. Taught entirely in English, this course is recognized throughout the European Union, and is open to both EU and non-EU students. The medical school is based at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas, a highly specialized general hospital and scientific research center.

6-Year Medicine and Surgery Master's Degree Program:

This master's degree in Medicine combines academic training with hands-on experience at the hospital and research labs of Humanitas. Based on innovative teaching and learning methods, the program combines academic training, hospital experience and laboratory research. The main objective is to train excellent clinicians and researchers, capable of actively contributing to the improvement of human health.

The program is designed to provide young doctors with the most academically solid and state-of-the-art scientific training possible along with awareness of the profoundly sensitive issues surrounding health, disease and the doctor-patient relationship. The program also addresses the increasingly complex economic and managerial aspects of health care. It includes a broad spectrum of experience in a hospital, out in the field and within the territory to ensure that students gain direct knowledge of the real-life health context they are working in.

Features of the Program:

- Particular attention to students’ initial reception: We strive to create a strong sense of academic community among the teaching staff and students. An Office of Medical Education takes care of the curriculum, Faculty and students.

- An international profile: Lessons are taught in English, supported by visiting professors from top European and North American universities.

- Highly integrated curriculum. The teaching activities and courses are divided into blocks from the first year, with closely linked, integrated content.

- Innovative and active teaching methods. These include small study groups, PBL, discussions of specific cases, problem solving, skills lab, and practical experience.

- The school offers an exceptional clinical tutoring system (one tutor for every one or two students) to stimulate students to reflect continuously on the experience they have acquired.

- The program is monitored by an International Advisory Board.

Teaching Methods:

Students work in small groups, which stimulates the ability to deal with medical problems by encouraging them to contribute and adapt their knowledge and skills. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and the development of in-depth analysis and self-study are promoted by a modular curriculum and individually tailored plans that encourage students to reflect and take responsibility for their own actions

University of Milan, International Medical School:
The International Medical School is a 6-year Medicine and Surgery master's degree program offered through the University of Milan. Taught entirely in English, this course is open to both EU and non-EU students. The medical school is based at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas, a highly specialized general hospital and scientific research center.

The Research and Teaching Center is in Rozzano on the outskirts of Milan on the road leading to Pavia. It is just off the Tangenziale Ovest (Western Beltway) and can easily be reached by car from Milan. It’s also accessible from the city by public transportation. 

加勒比醫學大學 醫學博士(學士後醫)

加勒比醫學大學- -  醫學博士(學士後醫)




使命: 本校欲打破醫學教育為特定族群的特權,使人人都有機會成為奉獻一己的醫師,為共同推動全人類健康為宗旨,並提供合格的學生有機會實現自己的終身抱負--通過醫療和研究來服務人類與醫學教育,延長人類壽命。



  1. 1.      到美國當醫師,只要大三以上,修滿90學分以上(含生物,物哩,化學及數學),英文能力還不錯的學生,均有機會轉念醫學系。
  2. 2.      學生活費便宜。每學期學費為US$4,950.-,生活費一年約US$4,500.-
  3. 3.      你需要有90個大學學分以上:
  4. 4.      本校更歡迎有註冊護士,X光技術員,緊急醫療技術人員,營養師,物理治療師,藥劑師,醫師助理,博士學位持有人申請。
  5. 5.      本校學士後醫課程,可以連續 40個月(3.5年)完成。其中,你必須花20個月(5學期)在聖露西亞的基礎科學和臨床前科學計劃,其餘 20個月(5學期)在美國臨床實習。
  6. 6.      本校USMLE考試通過率統計,1階段約72%,第2階段86%,第3階段CSA100
  7. 7.      目前本校有1100多名畢業生在45個國家行醫。
  8. 8.      本校以其極高的執照考通過率及便宜的學生活費,因此吸引美國及其他先進國家的學生前來就讀。


契機: 美國仍有些州缺少專業醫療人員及醫師,如懷俄明州,南達可達,北達可達,猶他等等州。學員在通過入學審核之後,以學士後醫的方式,再接受40-48個月的專業訓練及實習,取得MD醫學博士學位後準備參加美國醫師執照考試ECFMGUSMLE,順利通過三階段考試後,成為美國執業醫師。


學校介紹: 加勒比海堅樸醫學大學,成立於19801月。是經由該國教育部所許可,也是美國及加拿大Liaison Committee on Medical Education醫學教育所認可的學校。也為美國教育部所認可。該大學也被由世界衛生組織(WHO)列入世界醫學院校名錄。也是國際醫學教育名冊(IMED)的一員,可參加國際醫學教育和研究(FAIMER)成員國及美國外國醫師考試。



1. 提供學士後醫的醫療培訓和執照考試訓練



  1. 1.      您必須通過 USMLE階段一,階段2CS階段2CK考試,取得ECFMG證書並完成住院醫師培訓計劃。
  2. 2.      目前,本校畢業生已經在美國46個州執業和世界42個國家執業。













 TOKYO medical university

  • 2014/12/11

We are pleased to announce that the details of our new School of Nursing and Masters program at the Graduate School are now available in English.


Policy Statements

Admissions Policy

Tokyo Medical University Graduate School of Medicine is dedicated to nurturing future leaders in research; leaders committed to advancing human health and well-being through their chosen specialty. To this end, we offer our students an intensive program of education in both basic and clinical biomedical sciences aimed at equipping them with the tools they will need for a career involving research.

The Master of Medicine program is designed to equip students who already have a bachelors degree in life sciences with the basic knowledge and skills they will need to carry out medical research. This program is an excellent choice for students who wish to:

acquire medical knowledge and pursue a career in medical research;

promote cutting-edge research in basic or clinical sciences;

apply findings from basic medical science to clinical practice; and

become pioneers in medical research.

Curriculum Policy

The aim of the Master of Medicine program is to provide non-medical graduates with the basic knowledge and skills they will need to engage in biomedical research. Students will attend lectures and hands-on training sessions. Each student will be assigned to a specific laboratory, where they will engage in research projects and write a masters thesis under the guidance of faculty members and teaching assistants. Mandatory courses will include advanced classes in the following subjects: Medicine (I to IV), Fundamental Life Sciences, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Pathology, Medical Biomechanics (I to IV), and Public Health. The student will also be expected to take a number of elective classes from among the following fields: Medical Pathology (I to IV), Clinical Safety, and Medical Education. For the mandatory Special Medical Research project, the student will be expected to engage in research activities at a laboratory of their choice.

Thesis Policy

In order to obtain the Master of Medicine degree, students will need to (i) complete the minimum length of study time and obtain at least 30 units in the required and elective courses; (ii) successfully complete their masters thesis under the guidance of the faculty; and (iii) pass the final examination.

 University of Tsukuba

The International Undergraduate–Education Program for Medical Scientists is offered to international students by the University of Tsukuba’s School of Medical Sciences. In this program, transferees enter the university as 3rd-year students and study for 2 years towards a Bachelor’s degree in medical sciences. Eligible students should have some basic knowledge of the medical or life sciences and wish to pursue a career in medical research. The program is highly research oriented and emphasizes hands-on teaching in laboratories. For this reason, the program requires prospective students to have credits corresponding to approximately 2 years of study at a college that offers courses in the medical or life sciences.

In addition to a broad range of courses covering basic experimental medicine as well as social and environmental medicine, students will conduct research and write a graduation thesis; areas of research offered include biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, human genetics, physiology, animal models, anatomy and embryology, pathology, oncology, infection biology, immunology, epidemiology, environmental medicine, and public health. All courses required for graduation are offered in English; however, students can also learn Japanese and enjoy studies and discussion with Japanese students.

Graduates of the course are expected to go on to enroll in international research courses in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences or other graduate schools and become leading researchers in the medical sciences.

Medical Sciences Website








在澳洲準備升醫學院和英國,美國醫學院一樣,大部分學生先進預科課程,目前有開放預科課程給外國人的全國不到3,而且名額也有限.我們與2家大學預科課程有合作學生交流program,由我們在台灣先做資格審查,在送澳洲預科複審.學生必須品學兼優,英文IELTS5.5以上,高中畢以上平均成績在75分以上由其數學,生物,化學,物理等科不可太低. 學生在預科課程中,英文,化學,生物,數學,4科平均80(總分320分以上)可升學澳洲醫學院.



在澳洲醫學院畢業是全世界認可,,可以在醫院工作或自行開業,藉由工作應聘(Work Permit)轉為(P.R.)永久居留,幾年後可申請公民護照,學位回國亦受承認, 是一位台灣學生進澳洲醫學院最佳途徑,也是進入澳洲高階主流社會最佳跳板








英國醫學院申請及排名 ( UKCAT test is needed)


1.      Cambridge


2.      Oxford


3.      Imperial College


4.      University College London


5.      Newcastle


6.      Aberdeen


7.      University of Edinburgh


8.      Glasgow


9.      Bristol


10.  University of Nottingham


11.  St. Andrews


12. Southampton


13.  Liverpool


14. Birmingham


15.  Keele


16. York


17.  Leeds


18.  Dundee


19. St George’s


20. King’s College London


21. University of Leicester


22. University of Exeter


23.University of East Anglia



英國醫學院由我們在台灣先做資格審查,在送英國複審.學生必須品學兼優,英文IELTS5.5以上,高中畢以上平均成績在75分以上由其數學,生物,化學,物理等科不可太低. 學生必須在2年預科課程要通過化學,數學,生物或物理至少3A level通試及醫院實習,通過成功入英國醫學院外籍學生比例高.( UKCAT test is needed)


在畢業是全世界認可,而且執照在歐洲,美國都認可,可以在醫院工作或自行開業,藉由工作應聘(Work Permit)轉為(P.R.)永久居留,4年可申請公民護照,享收世界最好的社會福利. 回國亦受承認, 是一位台灣學生進英國醫學院最佳途徑,也是進入英國高階主流社會最佳跳板






University of Otago是紐西蘭第一所也是最古老大學,成立於1869年有紐西蘭劍橋大學之美譽是世界有名大學之一,尤其醫學院課程每年世界大學排行榜名列前5名是一所頂尖醫學院,目前大學有17,000名學生,有2000名學生在研究所課程,至1999年為止已有1100位留學生從世界各國約有40個國家。











The Doctor of Medicine program, will cover a total of five years and it comprises of 2 phases i.e a 2 year basic medical science phase followed by a 3 year clinical phase. Each year will comprise 2 semesters, each of 20 weeks teaching and learning duration. Clinicians will participate in teaching activities in the second year to provide clinical orientation and interpretation. Inclusion of basic science lectures during the 3 clinical years will provide the necessary vertical integration between basic medical science and clinical teaching and learning process.

The first 2 years of basic medical science will be conducted in the Petaling Jaya Campus while the clinical phase will be conducted in the hospitals and clinics situated in Lahad Datu, Tawau and Semporna.

At the end of the MD programme, graduates will acquire the required knowledge, develop essential clinical competencies and imbibe the right professional attitudes as well as values, which will help them to work as effective primary care physicians.

Duties of medical doctors include, examination of patients, diagnosis, prescribing of medicines, minor operations and treating injuries, diseases as well as other ailments. It further includes activities related to community development, thus acting as a role model.

Doctor of Dental Surgery is a 5 year programme. The curriculum is designed to fulfill the five major components of dental education, namely:

- Preclinical dentistry.
- Clinical dentistry.
- Hospital based dentistry.
- Community/Society based dentistry.
- Life-long learning experience through research exercise
This program is conducted in two stages:
(1) Preclinical Phase – A two year program, which covers Medical Science courses (Anatomy, Physiology,
Biochemistry, Microbiology and Dental Courses (Professional Development and IT, Oral Biology, Society and Health, Preventive Dentistry, Dental Public Health, Dental Materials and Dental Technology). The latter is designed to help the students learn about the technical aspects of the dental program. Assessments take place in every semester along with yearly professional examinations.
(2) Clinical Phase – This phase covers the next three years of study. In this phase, integrated teaching and learning process is undertaken to expose the students to dental clinical work and it also helps them to learn about community dentistry. This program offers the students with the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking skills and acquire knowledge about a particular discipline of dentistry through research exercise, which is of interest to them. It includes subjects, such as Preventive Dentistry and Dental Public Health, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative  Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Periodontology, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Dental Imaging, Endodontics and Dental Research. Students of this program, will also be exposed to medical subjects namely; General Medicine and General Surgery for better treatment of patients with chronic illness, who may require special needs as far as dental treatment is concerned.



1.       到美國當醫師,只要大三以上,修滿90學分以上(含生物,物哩,化學及數學),英文能力還不錯的學生,均有機會轉念醫學系。

2.       學生活費便宜。每學期學費為US$4,950.-,生活費一年約US$4,500.-

3.       你需要有90個大學學分以上:

4.       本校更歡迎有註冊護士,X光技術員,緊急醫療技術人員,營養師,物理治療師,藥劑師,醫師助理,博士學位持有人申請。

5.       本校學士後醫課程,可以連續 40個月(3.5年)完成。其中,你必須花20個月(5學期)在聖露西亞的基礎科學和臨床前科學計劃,其餘 20個月(5學期)在美國臨床實習。

6.       本校USMLE考試通過率統計,第1階段約72%,第2階段86%,第3階段CSA100

7.       目前本校有1100多名畢業生在45個國家行醫。

8.       本校以其極高的執照考通過率及便宜的學生活費,因此吸引美國及其他先進國家的學生前來就讀。


契機: 美國仍有些州缺少專業醫療人員及醫師,如懷俄明州,南達可達,北達可達,猶他等等州。學員在通過入學審核之後,以學士後醫的方式,再接受40-48個月的專業訓練及實習,取得MD醫學博士學位後準備參加美國醫師執照考試ECFMGUSMLE,順利通過三階段考試後,成為美國執業醫師。


學校介紹: 加勒比海堅樸醫學大學,成立於19801月。是經由該國教育部所許可,也是美國及加拿大Liaison Committee on Medical Education醫學教育所認可的學校。也為美國教育部所認可。該大學也被由世界衛生組織(WHO)列入世界醫學院校名錄。也是國際醫學教育名冊(IMED)的一員,可參加國際醫學教育和研究(FAIMER)成員國及美國外國醫師考試。



1. 提供學士後醫的醫療培訓和執照考試訓練



1.       您必須通過 USMLE階段一,階段2CS和階段2CK考試,取得ECFMG證書並完成住院醫師培訓計劃。

2.       目前,本校畢業生已經在美國46個州執業和世界42個國家執業。




1. 匈牙利是一個擁有高水準教育國家,培養出了十二位諾貝爾獎得主.
匈牙利發明家創造許多奇蹟,例如電腦:Mr.Neumann, 原子筆:Mr.Biro,魔術方塊:Mr.Rubik, 壓力:Mr.Seley,全息圖:Mr.Gabor,以及原子彈:Mr.Teller及其同事, 發明維他命C.
4. 2004
醫學院課程可分英語教學以及德語教學. 台灣學生可選擇英語上課,比較無語言學習上困難.
國際學生若尚無足夠程度直接申請醫學院,可先進醫學院先修班課程約8個月後成功修畢, 可申請醫學院醫學士課程,成功率約9,相當高.
匈牙利大學吸引成千上萬精英就讀,有瑞典,美國,德國. 目前在德國已有兩千多名名醫師從匈牙利大學醫學院畢業.


* 全程全英文授課                        

* 高中畢業免重考/大學肄業免轉系直接申請入學

* 國內外大學醫學相關科系直升牙醫、臨床醫學系

* 歐盟畢業資格等同全球醫學院學歷        






  * 教育部100%承認 回國直接參加國家考試當醫師




德布勒森大學醫學院為國際學生設有英文授課課程,授予普通醫學博士學位、牙醫博士學位、藥學碩士學位和公共健康學碩士學位等。現英文授課學位共有564 名國際學生就讀。在校參加醫學執照考試(Medical License Examination)的學生中92%的人通過考試,取得在歐美各國的醫生執照資格。該醫學院與世界各國保持著科學合作,分子醫學研究中心被歐盟授予傑 出貢獻獎,其取得的科學成果和對醫學界的貢獻受到世界許可。

匈牙利的大學和學院按雙向模式授予學位。大學畢業學位與登記學位相一致。高等教育法允許匈牙利高等教育機構的畢業生在完成學院的學習後使用"學士",而完成醫學大學的教育後使用"6年臨床醫學MD, 牙科醫學DDS"名稱。匈牙利新的博士學位在各方面與國際上所承認的哲學博士學位相一致。大學後和學院後專業課程是相對較新的學位。


德布勒森在匈牙利醫療團體中不僅是最好的大學而且是最大的醫院。這裡一共有18個不同的臨床部門而且超過1800 張床,每年服務超過62,000 位住院病患和670,000 位門診病人,在匈牙利這是最具代表的醫療保健機構,這其中包含,健康中心、心臟手術中心和腎臟移植中心等等。

目前在德布勒森醫療健康科學中心裡的研究工作,大都是在大學中完成的,一般以臨床作為基礎研究活動為主題。我們醫學院教學人員每年大約出版600 篇科學論文在國際學報中。

根據scientometric 資料,德布勒森大學是連續4年得到最佳獎項,遠遠超過匈牙利80所研究機構和其他大學。我們的科學家盡可能達成國際合作以提供國際資源研究。目前在國際上最被看好的研究區域是細胞生物學、免疫學、實驗性和臨床腫瘤學、血液學、神經生物學和神經學, 生理等等。我們常常與各國交流並達成交換學生項目,目前有多國大學與我們達成該項目,其中以比利時、法國、德國、義大利、日本、英國和美國是最重要的合作夥伴,目前已經擁有36國家以上學生申請就讀。

*主要課程 (保證入學)



[開學日期]: 1月中旬/ 8月底


Pre-Medical Courses ( preparing for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Kinesiology醫學系 牙醫係 藥劑係準備課程): 英文English, 醫學用英文Medical English, 生物Biology, 化學Chemistry, 物理Physics,   匈牙利文 Hungarian)

[學費]: 學費學年(9個月) 每年US$17000[入學考試科目]: 1) 筆試: 英文 生物 化學        



目前學校課程擁有英文教學及俄語教學課程,畢業將獲得醫學學位及醫師資格(M.D),學校的臨床醫學系教學課程為六年(12 學期),每學期約20 個星期,臨床占3 個學期-課程有人解剖學,組織學, 生理,細胞生物, 寄生生物學基本知識。基本課程有化學,生物,物理,電腦慨論等等,第四及第五個與第六個學期課程-臨床研究, 學生專注病理學, 微生物學, 遺傳學, 免疫學和社會醫學,在第五個和第六個學期中,針對基礎課-內部疾病, 一般手術, 藥理, 衛生學,x 光學和放射學開始進行研究教學,考納斯醫學院以及其他3 家臨床醫院以傳染病, 結核病,腫瘤學等是專業學術(實習)醫院。